Vera Bradley Coupons Promotion Codes: Painting Days with Colors

When people are asked about their favorite color, they can easily give you an answer in a heartbeat. But when you asked them about their color preference, they usually gave you vague answers like they just love looking at that color; they look good in that color; or they remember something good with that color. Only a handful can give you answers relating to the meaning of their favorite colors. This world is full of colors and learning their positive meanings will make you think of them in a new way. Some of these colors are:

Daisy in Tutti Frutti

  • Yellow signifies joy, optimism, happiness, friendship, idealism, imagination, sunshine, hope, summer, philosophy, and gold.

  • Blue is peace, calm, tranquility, stability, unity, harmony, trust, confidence, truth, security, conservatism, order, cleanliness, loyalty, water, sky, and technology.

  • Green represents nature, healthy, environment, renewal, good luck, youth, generosity, spring, fertility, and vigor.

  • Purple refers to royalty, honor, nobility, spirituality, enlightenment, ceremony, wisdom, mysterious, and transformation.

  • White symbolizes reverence, good, purity, snow, birth, winter, simplicity, youth, cleanliness, innocence, peace, and humility.

  • Black means power, style, sexuality, depth, sophistication, mystery, formality, wealth, and elegance.

  • Pink symbolizes tenderness, love and romance, acceptance, caring, and calm.

  • Orange signifies energy, vibrant, balance, warmth, and enthusiasm.

  • Brown denotes earth, comfort, stability, simplicity, hearth, endurance, home, comfort, and reliability.

Gain loads of positivity by buying the colorful and stylish product of Vera Bradley without worrying for the prices. If you present Vera Bradley Coupons, you can get discounts on various products available at the store.

Boxy Tote in Blue Bayou with Black Trim

Have a look at the Daisy in Tutti Frutti tote by Vera Bradley. This is specially designed for young girls with its sweetheart-shaped silhouette. She will earn lots of good luck and generosity in this spring’s stylish tote. Best to use Vera Bradley coupons promotion codes with purchase of this product!

Neoprene Laptop Case in ClementineVera Bradley Coupons can help you get peace, calm and serenity in this elegant Boxy Tote in Blue Bayou with Black Trim. This classic boxy shape looks great at work or at play. Better grab this now with Vera Bradley coupons free shipping!

Feel the romantic charm of Vera Bradley Neoprene Laptop Case in Clementine. The smart-looking and stunning laptop case is made of protective neoprene material and has top handles for it to be easily carried anywhere. Be one of the happy people who have purchased this fashionable laptop case by using Vera Bradley coupons 2014.

Feast your eyes on the stylish and vibrant collections of Vera Bradley. These products are guaranteed to boost moods and spirits especially when Vera Bradley Coupons are presented for each purchase. Discounts and other wonderful perks can be yours with every use of the coupons.

Vera Bradley Coupons Promotion Codes: Totes from Different Collection

Totes are taking the market by storm with it is design, style and functionality. It is the next best thing for people who want to fit more items inside their handbags. You can catch up with the latest trend with Vera Bradley Coupons, offering you discounts on items available at the Vera Bradley store.

If you are looking for the unique stylish bags and accessories, you are sure to find them at any Vera Bradley stores near you. You can also visit their website at for convenience and even get the items delivered to you or your friend as a gift.

There are wide range of design, color and collection of tote bags available at Vera Bradley. Here are some of the totes from the top grossing collections.

Day Tote in Petal Dots with Navy Trim

Day Tote in Petal Dots with Navy Trim

This tote features colorful printed design and outside borders, chic faux-leather trim and metal rivet for that customized casual look. It has three small inside pockets and a large space to hold more and bigger items.

This tote collection offers five colors designs you can choose from; the petal dot, fanfare fans, shower vines, bayou waves and Clementine ikat. Use your Vera Bradley coupons 2014 to get this item at a much affordable price.

Straw Bucket Tote in Petal Paisley

Straw Bucket Tote in Petal Paisley

Get this quintessential tote of the season with a great price markdown by providing Vera Bradley coupons promotion codes upon purchase. This tote features a classy straw woven body with colorful summer prints from Vera Bradley color collections.

You can personalize this straw woven tote by adding monogram or choosing the best color option to fit your style. Colors for this tote design are flower shower, fanfare, blue bayou and petal paisley. Great investment with Vera Bradley Coupons.

Laser-Cut Tote in Fanfare

Laser-Cut Tote in Fanfare

This simple yet elegantly designed tote bag can be you are with a fraction less, just present Vera Bradley coupons printable upon purchase. Carefully created from supple faux-leather this Laser-Cut Tote offers a multi-functional hanging slip pocket for easy access to small items.

Choose from four different color style; flower shower, clementine, petal paisley and fanfare. This thin faux-leather shoulder straps laser cut tote bag is a sure choice for most of your outdoor activity.

Vera Bradley Coupons gives us an opportunity to acquire these sophisticated totes at a very affordable price. Unique and elegant items for your fashionable needs, all this and more available at the nearest Vera Bradley store to you or you can visit their website and make the purchase online. Be the talk of the town not because you are fashion style is outdated, be the talk of the town because of your latest, classiest and trendiest tote from Vera Bradley.

Vera Bradley Coupons Promotion Codes: Graduation Blues Busters

Your daughter will finally be graduating from high school this month. You are happy because your dream of giving her a chance to have a better life is coming true. She was accepted at the university that she wanted to go to and you supported her with her decision. Then why is she not happy?

Zip Zip Wristlet in CitronDon’t fret too much! You’re daughter is only experiencing graduation blues. Remember how you felt when you graduated in the past? That is what she’s feeling right now. She is sad because she will not be seeing some of her friends in high school – they will have to pursue their life and own path too! She also feeling anxious of what college life has in store for her: she will meet strangers and live among them; she will be leaving home for months; the pressure of college lessons and activities.

Have a talk with your daughter to know what is exactly bothering her. By doing so, she will be able to release some of the stress inside her body. Make her understand that feeling blue is just normal but she has to control herself to focus on the positive things that await her after graduation. She has a new goal to achieve, another new territory to conquer – an exciting thought that will help her combat graduation blues. Of course, another proven blues-removing activity for women, take her out for shopping!

Tablet Hipster in Ribbons

Vera Bradley store offers variety of products guaranteed to appeal to the girl in her. Just use Vera Bradley Coupons to enjoy this shopping experience without emptying your pockets!

Get this Zip Zip Wristlet in Citron for your daughter. This zip along style, slim wristlet has a large compartment to fit her IDs, bills, and credit card slots while the small compartment stores a phone. Buy this with Vera Bradley coupons promotion codes.

She would be delighted to have the Tablet Hipster in Ribbons to carry her tablet to the university. It has two separate compartment to hold not just her tablet but her other everyday essentials too! This high-tech tablet hipster is a great gift with the help of Vera Bradley coupons printable.

Carry It All Wristlet in ClementineYou will never know what Vera Bradley Coupons can do for you until you but Carry It All Wristlet in Clementine. This zip-around wristlet can be carried in 3 ways: a wristlet, a handbag by adjusting the wrist strap, or as attachment to a large bag. Your daughter will surely enjoy using this anywhere because it can carry cards, bills, and larger mobile phones. Put a smile on her face and buy this now with Vera Bradley coupons free shipping!

Boost your daughter’s spirit with the pretty and stylish bags and accessories from Vera Bradley today. What a fun way of chasing graduation blues away with the reliable Vera Bradley Coupons!

Vera Bradley Coupons Printable: How to Travel Light

Travelling light is an ideal way of packing when you are going to a trip by means of passenger plane. This is a way of saving on cargo fees as well as easy monitoring of your luggage. When you are travelling with children, packing for things is very difficult to do. One trick that has been commonly used is using a packing list. A packing list is a personal list of sanities that you will need for the trip and will fit into a small bag. Consider also the following packing tips.

Pack in moderation by taking only the necessary things like a change of clothes and underwear, toiletries, medicine kit, travel documents, footwear, credit cards, some cash, and other things that you cannot do without.

Getaway Duffel in Julep Tulip

Reduce the weight of your luggage by finding lighter or smaller versions of the things you need to carry.

Last but not the least; choose the right bag to carry all your essentials. Vera Bradley stores offer lightweight yet durable and stylish travel bags which are very affordable when you present Vera Bradley Coupons.

Check out Vera Bradley Grand Cargo Bag in Classic Black which has plenty of pockets to store your things. It has a removable shoulder strap that you can adjust or remove whatever your preference, and a trolley sleeve for easy navigation through airports and busy streets. You can organize a lot of things in just this bag thus, excess baggage charge will not be a problem. Just present Vera Bradley coupons printable to get discount for this product.

Grand Cargo Bag in Classic Black

If you are planning for a weekend excursion, this Vera Bradley Getaway Duffel in Julep Tulip would be a perfect choice. It can accommodate a lot of stuff due to its roomy interior and front slip pocket which is ideal for storing travel essentials. It has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, double handles, and a zip-top closure. A stylish travel bag which can be availed for a discounted price with Vera Bradley coupons free shipping.

For Vera Bradley Coupons holders, buying this Vera Bradley Garment Bag in Black will not be a problem. This travel-smart, flexible, and lightweight garment bag will fit long dresses and roomy enough to fit several garments. It has removable closet hook, four elastic hanger loops, and two ribbon garment ties to hold clothes in place. Avail the perks being offered by Vera Bradley for the season by using Vera Bradley coupons promotion codes.Garment Bag in Black

To save on shopping expenses, look for products on sale or products that give discounts and other privileges like Vera Bradley Coupons. Shop for product online and avail the free shipping promo of Vera Bradley to save on energy, time, and fuel.

How to Choose the Perfect Handbag with Vera Bradley Coupons

If there is one thing a woman can’t leave her house without, this is her handbag. Handbag is a must-have accessory for every woman. To complete your look for any occasion, you need a perfect handbag. With Vera Bradley Coupons now you can buy the best handbags in the market at affordable prices.

Vera Bradley Saddle

Vera Bradley Handbags for Women

You need a handbag to carry your cash or cards, your cell phone, some small make up items such as a comb, a lipstick, a small mirror, a compact etc. Even if you don’t use many accessories, you’ll need a handbag to keep your keys. It is very important that you choose the right handbag for you. Why so? Because, you use a handbag more frequently than any other accessory, even clothing items. If you don’t look good in a dress, you simply stop wearing it and buy a new one but handbags are not items you buy very frequently. So if you happen to buy a handbag that is not appealing to you that money is totally wasted, even worse, if you continue to use it, your styling sense and image will be in jeopardy. This is a crisis that can be fixed with Vera Bradley Coupons Promotion Codes.

Vera Bradley is one of the most famous fashion brands for bags and accessories. Over the years they have made a name in the industry for making exceptional bags. They have a very loyal customer base of millions of customers which is growing day by day. Using Vera Bradley Coupon Codes Free Shipping you can join their long list of customers without spending a lot of money.

Now let’s come to the part of how you can choose the perfect handbag using Vera Bradley Coupons. Before you decide to buy a handbag, you must decide on the occasion. Are you buying the bag for daily usage? Are you buying the bag to attend a party or do you want a bag for your office?

If you want a bag for daily use, then a Vera Bradley tote will be perfect for you. These bags have sufficient space for keeping small accessories. If you don’t carry many accessories, then perhaps you’d want a hipster or a cross body bag. These bags will go perfectly with t shirts and dresses. If you need a bag for your office then a saddle up bag will be perfect for you. If you want the bag to be more formal you can check out their Traffic collection and find a bag that’s appropriate for you.

If you want to join a party, then a Vera Bradley clutch will be a perfect companion. These clutches are very colorful and come in different sizes and patterns. If you use Vera Bradley Free Shipping Coupon Code then you can benefit even more from charge free delivery of the purchased items.

Vera Bradley is having a sale offer on different handbag items. This is the perfect time for you to use Vera Bradley Coupons and upgrade your collection of bags with amazing and new handbags from Vera Bradley.


Get the Perfect Cosmetic Bag with Vera Bradley Coupons

Women worldwide face a common problem. They can’t go anywhere without their makeup accessories. Even if you are a serious lady with a tough job, you must carry some cosmetic items with you all the time, unless you work for the army! It becomes inconvenient to carry cosmetic item with other necessary things in your handbag. Now you can avoid this universal problem with Grand Cosmetic bag using Vera Bradley 30 off Coupons.

Vera Bradley Coupons

Grand Cosmetic Bag from Vera Bradley with Vera Bradley coupons

Like I said, carrying your cosmetics with your other things can be a problem. The content from the cosmetic containers can spoil any important draft you have, even your cell phone. So using a different cosmetic bag is definitely a wise thing to do. Especially if you are travelling then a cosmetic bag is a must. Now you can get the best cosmetic bags out there with Vera Bradley Coupons Promotion Codes.

When you are travelling you need a separate cosmetic bag because you carry more cosmetic items than usual. Women are very particular about the cosmetic they use and they usually stay loyal to their favorite cosmetic brands. That’s why when they are packing for a vacation, they need to pack their shampoos, conditioners, iron, lotions, sun screams, compact powders, lipsticks, eye makeup kit etc. That’s a pretty long list of things and they are not even the half of the things that women need regularly. Some of these items such as the shampoo container, iron, and lotion are pretty big and you can’t fit them in a regular cosmetic bag. The new Grand Cosmetic bag from Vera Bradley allows you to fit all of your cosmetic items into one bag. Moreover, if you use Vera Bradley Coupons Printable then you can buy these amazing cosmetic bags at a discounted price from the nearest Vera Bradley outlet.

The Grand Cosmetic bag that you can buy using Vera Bradley Coupons comes with a top handle so it’s easy to carry. It has a zip around top and it opens fully which allows you to use the whole space and place the things effortlessly. To keep your makeup items separately there are five elasticized slip pockets that stretch when necessary. These pockets are of varying sizes so you can sort your cosmetics according to their size and keep in the pockets for convenience. The bag comes in 15 different colors and patterns and is extremely fashionable. You can carry this Grand Cosmetic bag to any occasion and it’ll fit perfectly. If you shop online and use Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping while placing your order, then you will be able to receive free shipping delivery of the bags you purchased if you reside inside the USA.

Using different Vera Bradley Coupons you can receive a $20 discount on purchases over $75 which means you can save 27%. But the point is not about saving. It’s about having a world class cosmetic bag from a famous brand at an affordable price. Who wouldn’t want that? So use Vera Bradley Coupons and get the Grand Cosmetic bag today.

Get All in one Crossbody in Heather with Vera Bradley Coupons

Majority of women include their bags in their fashion, making their bags a part of their style and it helps a lot when they can purchase bags with Vera Bradley Coupons. That is the reason why almost all bags nowadays comes with different designs, styles, and sizes that can definitely suit a person’s fashion. Aside from the style, bags differ on its purpose. There are a so many kinds of bags that comes in different sizes such as duffel bag, which is usually big and is perfect for travelers, shoulder or sling bag which is very famous for women, wristlet or clutch bag, these two are usually the smallest type of bag which is perfect for normal must haves such as money, make up, and many more. Get it with free shipping Vera Bradley Coupons.

 All in one Crossbody in Heather: What is it?  

All in one Crossbody in Heather is a very unique bag, which can be use in three different ways.

  1. Shoulder or Crossbody Bag – This bag has a removable shoulder strap that made this product perfect for either shoulder or crossbody bag whichever is the most convenient for the person who would use this product. It is also convenient to get it with Vera Bradley Coupons free shipping.

  2. Wristlet – This bag also has a removable wrist strap. They just need to remove the shoulder strap and put on the wrist strap if they want to use it as a wristlet. Either way is going to be perfect.

  3. Wallet – This bag can be as simple as a wallet, they just need to remove the entire strap, put their money and cards inside so it can be used as a wallet.

All in one Crossbody in Heather: What made it unique?

All in one Crossbody in Heather has many gorgeous designs that a woman would absolutely love, starting from the cutest to the most elegant design. Its elegance is still affordable, though, especially with Vera Bradley Coupons. It is also unique because it can be worn in three beautiful ways such as shoulder or crossbody, wristlet, and wallet whichever suits one’s desire. This product without a doubt is very functional and it has very good quality that ensures a long lasting usage. The size of this bag is 5 1/2 “x 3 1/2  x 2” with 6” removable wrist strap and 52” removable adjustable strap which made this product very handy and versatile.

Buy All in one Crossbody in Heather with Vera Bradley Coupons

All in one Crossbody in Heather is definitely the one that they have been waiting for, with its very unique style, versatility, and awesome designs, this product should be added to a woman’s must haves. The great thing about it is that it may be purchased with Vera Bradley Coupons in 2014. They can surely enjoy this product’s functionality that can be use in three amazing ways and put their stuff inside without worrying about the quality for a very affordable price of $54. So if they are looking for a very fashionable, handy, and multipurpose bag, this product is absolutely the right bag for them.

This bag is definitely versatile. People can use it depending on their preference, but either way. This product can definitely hold it all. They can put in their money, wallet, cards, make up, cell phone, and many more securely. They can also get it with Vera Bradley Coupons.

Get Amazing Beach Collection with Vera Bradley Coupons

Winter is almost gone and spring is coming soon. Are you ready to welcome the spring with open hands? Have you got your beachwear ready? Got matching bags, accessories, flip flops and everything? If you haven’t then now is the time to get everything you need to enjoy the beach in this summer at amazing discounts with Vera Bradley 30 off Coupons.


Vera Bradley Beach Collection for Spring

Spring is the season of letting go the laziness that came with winter and just going out and enjoying every bit of the fresh beginning. It’s time to go to the beach, wear sexy bikinis, and soak up every bit of the warm rays of the shining sun. It’s the time to enjoy being young and being sexy. But how can you feel all that if you’re not prepared with all the things you need to make your beach time perfect? Vera Bradley has come up with a refreshing spring beach collection to help you enjoy this spring like never before. You can buy amazing Vera Bradley beach collection in astonishingly cheap prices when you use Vera Bradley Coupons.

Vera Bradley Beach Tote

Let’s say you’re off to beach. What do you need beside a cheerful mode? You surely need some accessories to carry with you such as your mobile phone, a sunscreen lotion, a sunglass, a hat etc. What can be better to carry your necessary things than a Vera Bradley Beach Tote? The bags come with different bright and colorful patterns and has detachable neoprene pouch to keep your expensive and sensitive items safe. You can get a Beach Tote using Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping and receive not only discounts on your purchase but a charge free shipping delivery of the bag to your address.

Vera Bradley Beach Cosmetic Bag vera-bradley-beach-towel

Now if you’re going to the beach, you’ll surely jump into the water once or twice. You need a nice waterproof bag to carry your wet swimsuits. You can’t carry your wet clothes and other cosmetics in an ordinary bag because the bag will end up dripping water! To solve this problem, Vera Bradley has created a beautiful Beach Cosmetic bag which you can get with Vera Bradley Coupons Codes. Moreover these bags have special polka dot pattern that goes perfectly with the everlasting charm of the spring weather.

You’ll also need a beach towel to wrap around when you come out of the water or when you want to just lay down and relax on the sand. Using Vera Bradley Coupons 2014 you can get attractive beach towels that come in different patterns and colors to match your unique styling sense.

Buying Beach Collection Using Vera Bradley Coupons

To get an amazing discount offer on the beach collection you need to sign up on the Vera Bradley website. You have to sign up for their newsletter. You’ll receive an email with a special promo code for Vera Bradley. The next step is to visit their website, select the beach items you like and apply the code. If you spend more than $75, then using the special code, you’ll be able to receive a $20 off and free shipping to your residence inside the USA.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the beach collection now with Vera Bradley Coupons now and get ready to enjoy every moment of the upcoming spring on the beach, with your friends and loved ones.

Shop On-the-Go Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping

Are You an Online Shopper?

Everyone likes the convenience of shopping online. By simply using your laptop or smartphone to browse through product catalogs, you can buy anything from clothes, accessories, books, electronics, and other cool items. Shopping in a mall can be a hassle, especially if you have a busy schedule. That’s why online shopping is a great option for us who are always on-the-go. And with Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping, you can shop for Vera Bradley products online, without covering shipping costs.


Buy Without Extra Charge

Getting a product delivered to your house can cost you a lot. If you’re planning to buy an all-in-one wristlet in jazzy blooms for $36 but want to have it shipped to your home, it can add up to $15 to the price. That’s where Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping comes in handy. The coupons let you purchase items without any shipping fees. Visit the Vera Bradley official site to get a free shipping coupon or search for Vera Bradley free shipping coupons on Google.

Get the Benefits of Free Shipping

Vera Bradley offers various shipping options upon checkout, like Ground (SmartPost), Ground (Home Delivery), Second-Day Air, and Next-Day Air. Using Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping will let you have free Federal Express ground shipping to U.S. shipping destinations. Imagine shopping online without having to worry about extra charges that might make you go over your budget. Just remember to buy the products you need ahead of schedule, though. If you go for a free shipping option, you can’t make a Next-Day rush order, so it pays to buy early especially if you’re buying a gift for birthdays or holidays.

Most free shipping coupons have special terms and conditions before you can use them. For Vera Bradley, they offer a coupon that lets you ship for free if your order reaches $50. But if you want something that doesn’t meet the required price, like a tech case for your smartphone that costs $25, try getting your sister or your mom to look at the Vera Bradley site for anything they’d want to add to your cart. That way, all of you can have the products you want, but don’t have to pay for shipping fees.

Get Updates on Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping

By simply typing the words Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping on Google, you can find a vast number of coupons that will let you ship for free on select items. Try to subscribe to email newsletters and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to keep you updated if there’s a coupon that can let you ship the light frame handbag you want for free. Just remember to read the fine print, because some coupons only cover special items, and other coupons can’t be used in conjunction with other coupons. Rest assured, though, being patient and waiting for the right coupon for you will help you save when buying the product you want.

Make it a Habit

Once you experience the magic of Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping, make it a habit to always stay informed about the latest deals on trendy handbags, purses, totes, and travel bags. Shopping online doesn’t have to mean paying for shipping costs. Remember, shipping the pretty Edie Satchel you saw online can be free.