Get Amazing Beach Collection with Vera Bradley Coupons

Winter is almost gone and spring is coming soon. Are you ready to welcome the spring with open hands? Have you got your beachwear ready? Got matching bags, accessories, flip flops and everything? If you haven’t then now is the time to get everything you need to enjoy the beach in this summer at amazing discounts with Vera Bradley 30 off Coupons.


Vera Bradley Beach Collection for Spring

Spring is the season of letting go the laziness that came with winter and just going out and enjoying every bit of the fresh beginning. It’s time to go to the beach, wear sexy bikinis, and soak up every bit of the warm rays of the shining sun. It’s the time to enjoy being young and being sexy. But how can you feel all that if you’re not prepared with all the things you need to make your beach time perfect? Vera Bradley has come up with a refreshing spring beach collection to help you enjoy this spring like never before. You can buy amazing Vera Bradley beach collection in astonishingly cheap prices when you use Vera Bradley Coupons.

Vera Bradley Beach Tote

Let’s say you’re off to beach. What do you need beside a cheerful mode? You surely need some accessories to carry with you such as your mobile phone, a sunscreen lotion, a sunglass, a hat etc. What can be better to carry your necessary things than a Vera Bradley Beach Tote? The bags come with different bright and colorful patterns and has detachable neoprene pouch to keep your expensive and sensitive items safe. You can get a Beach Tote using Vera Bradley Coupons Free Shipping and receive not only discounts on your purchase but a charge free shipping delivery of the bag to your address.

Vera Bradley Beach Cosmetic Bag vera-bradley-beach-towel

Now if you’re going to the beach, you’ll surely jump into the water once or twice. You need a nice waterproof bag to carry your wet swimsuits. You can’t carry your wet clothes and other cosmetics in an ordinary bag because the bag will end up dripping water! To solve this problem, Vera Bradley has created a beautiful Beach Cosmetic bag which you can get with Vera Bradley Coupons Codes. Moreover these bags have special polka dot pattern that goes perfectly with the everlasting charm of the spring weather.

You’ll also need a beach towel to wrap around when you come out of the water or when you want to just lay down and relax on the sand. Using Vera Bradley Coupons 2014 you can get attractive beach towels that come in different patterns and colors to match your unique styling sense.

Buying Beach Collection Using Vera Bradley Coupons

To get an amazing discount offer on the beach collection you need to sign up on the Vera Bradley website. You have to sign up for their newsletter. You’ll receive an email with a special promo code for Vera Bradley. The next step is to visit their website, select the beach items you like and apply the code. If you spend more than $75, then using the special code, you’ll be able to receive a $20 off and free shipping to your residence inside the USA.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the beach collection now with Vera Bradley Coupons now and get ready to enjoy every moment of the upcoming spring on the beach, with your friends and loved ones.

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